Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009


June 5, 1918-Oct 24, 2009

I lost my daddy on Oct. 24. It's been a tough 3 weeks, but I feel so blessed to have been his daughter, and to have so many cherished memories. We will all miss "Boppa", but he will never be far from our thoughts, and forever will give us so many reasons to smile.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend with the kids

We had a fun, spontaneous weekend with all of our grandkids at the lake. We met Chad and Em and the boys out there Friday night, and got a call from Andy that they had a motorhome and were on the way out too! They didn't even know Chad was coming, so it was a fun surprise to have all of us together. They pulled the motorhome up next to the trailor, and it was a great extension and worked perfectly. Weather was windy, so no boating, but we had a great time hanging, flying kites, going on walks, and watching general conference. We all had great bonding time with our newest little guy, Blake, who has our hearts, that's for sure.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Updated letters from Josh on his blog

Finally caught back up on Josh's letters. Sorry! They are posted on his blog.

Blake's Blessing Weekend

We had a great trip up to Utah for little Blake's blessing. On the way we stopped at Mead and had a fun day on the lake with the Webbs. Ray, Brett, and Brett's new friend Lani came down, and we celebrated Ray's birthday with lots of memories of our boys together. Sure made us miss Josh, but it made us feel closer to him just being with the guys. Chad gave Blake a beautiful blessing, and we enjoyed a wonderful day together with the Zwick family, welcoming our newest beautiful grandson. Grampa Zwick and Greatgrandpa Zwick won the prizes for getting the most smiles out of little Blake!

Blake's Blessing Weekend

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend with the boys

Spent a fun weekend with Chad, Em, Parker and Baby Blake Matthew in St. George. We set off fireworks in their driveway (still legal in Utah-this used to be Chad's favorite event), shadowed Blake's first photoshoot (I'll only publish one pix so Em can share the rest when they are done), and took the kids up to Dammeron Valley to see John and Deby's new place. Still can't get over the fact that we can visit these guys whenever we want-it is so awesome having them so much closer!

House upgrades

Finally made those last few improvements we have been wanting to make on the house. Tile in the bathrooms, front door, BBQ and fireplace in the yard, which I wish we had done years ago (Joel's been wanting to do this for at least 10 years!) We have been living in the backyard each evening and love it. And new front door.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blake Matthew has arrived!

Blake Matthew Burnham. He's here! And he is adorable, healthy, and big! 8 lb 8 oz. Born July 2.
We arrived in St. George the day after he was born, and loved being able to see him in the hospital when he opened his eyes and looked around for the first time!! Em is doing great. Parker is quite indifferent. Chad is ecstatic, coupled with his recent passing of the Pharm boards, and issuing of his new license to practice Pharmacy. We gave him his diploma, which had been mailed to our house, in the hospital, so now its all official. Finally full-time work and family life can begin. No more homework for the first time in about 19 years! And Emily, he could NOT have done it without you!! We are so proud of both of you!